Charles has been photographing since he was given his first camera, a Kodak 110, aged 5.
He turned full time professional in 2005 after forays in computer games testing and various roles within the IT industry.
Charles has a BSc from Kingston University in Geography and finished a Master’s Hassleblad course in 2012.

Charles has often been described as “an artist who just happens to use a camera instead of a brush”.
He likes to be seen as a storyteller and makes use of narrative to provide the viewer with a unique sense of place and time. He specialises in fashion and portrait photography shot on location and his desire is to capture beautiful images and blur reality.

He has worked with Fashion designers in the UK and Spain (Zoom, Zara & Wakeley Management) and on concept and photography projects with Rachael Talborte for Saint Laurent.
In February Charles starts a new contract with Rachael providing consultancy services to the fashion industry including clients such as Chanel and has also photographed Caroline Charles’s Autumn/Winter 2015-16 collection for London Fashion Week.
Charles’s personal projects include floral portraits and landscapes shot in the UK and Spain.

Charles’s passion for photography can be summed up as thus:

“What fascinates me about photography is the moment the shutter fires. You have stopped time and are left with a perfect record of the smallest of moments. Time may have stopped but the record is eternal.”

Charles is currently based in Wigginton, Hertfordshire, but can often be found photographing models in meadows or up a mountain in Spain.



Charles Lane 2014

Self Portrait