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…..Well I’m just waiting now for the tenancy agreement to come through and then it’s move time.
The new studio address is Ground Floor Suite, Seymour House, 60 High Street, Chesham, Buckinghamshire, HP5 1EP.

The shoot for Caroline Charles has been sent in and images from the shoot will be sent out to the press for Fashion Week in
the next few days. Because of media exclusives I can’t post any images until March so a slideshow of the best images will have
to wait until then before going up on the site.

In the meantime I’m managing to find stuff from various different moves in the most unlikely of places and I’m itching to get in and sorted.
Due to half-term it looks as if things will be happening at the end of the month.

I will be away in Spain from 31st March for 3 weeks so it’s gonna be a busy few months as per usual. In the meantime I’m enjoying my latest box of tricks, a Nikon D810 and f1.4 80mm prime. This is my perfect camera and lens combo and it really is worth every penny.

Thanks all


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…but I never left. The updates to the site have been completed, check out all the new pictures,
but the big news is the online shop.
Please have a visit, maybe even buy a print 🙂 and give your feedback on any issues.
2015 is going to be a big one with a new Studio and my new contract with Rachael
as a freelance creative/photographer.
It’s lovely to be working with her again and very exciting to have clients such as Chanel amongst others.

I hope everyone has a Happy Christmas and a fab 2015.

 Feliz Navidad!
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…..Ah well, goodbye Summer, it was nice when you were around!
Everything is getting back to normal. Hannah has survived two festivals and I have just, survived 🙂
We are hoping to carry out the William Young London shoot at the Old Mill in Berkhamsted and Nettleden Lodge.
The Old Mill has just been re-furbished and is very, very cool. The private room is Victorian Gothic to the max
and will be a fantastic indoor venue. We are currently advertising for new models there so get in touch with Hannah
if you’re interested,
Meanwhile we have started our YSL projects (got the lipsticks today), our usual fine art flowers are on the go
and the Mark Thomas Victoriana shoot at Ashridge House is all booked in.
Next month (or this if we get a chance) it’s gonna be a hippy hipster in fields with a horse, so should be interesting.
Just in case you hadn’t guessed Victoriana is “THE” trend this autumn or coats from Zara…..

Au revoir et meilleurs voeux

Charles & Hannah

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….and it is with delight to announce we have been given the account for William Young London.
“William Young London are specialists in luxury made to measure tailoring and are focused on delivering outstanding tailored garments.”
They are building a new website and launching at the end of August. Charles Lane Photography will be providing the location shots
to be used online and in the marketing literature. So we are going to be photographing chaps this time round, although a ladies
range is to be launched as well.
Gill Painter has some fantastic ideas about the style of photography and “the look” which will make William Young stand out as a distinct brand.
It’s time to research the colour temperature of old film stock!
This hopefully will develop into a long term relationship and I hope our work will be instrumental in William Young’s successful launch.

I must thank Mark Collingwood from Tonic Fusion LLP, whom I met at our weekly Renaissance meetings, for the introduction and it really
goes to show that an image can tell a thousand words or in this case a 60 second pitch!

I will update on how this plays out and provide some behind the scenes images.




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….and boy did it sizzle. 34 degrees and ridiculous humidity.On the upside the welcome was as warm as the ambient temperature and I must say a massive thank you to Rachael, Rebecca and Marie.
The Saint Laurent Autumn/Winter collections are very cool indeed. Hedi Slimane has definitely brought his rock and grunge inspiration to the party.
It looks like our first brief is going to be Rock orientated with a modern twist, so it’s time to get the thinking caps on.
I have updated the website a little and have hidden the menu so the images get maximum real estate. This is not a final tweak so the static bar may return depending on feedback.
I hope to add a retouching gallery showing some of my Photoshop skills and I’ll keep you posted.

Oh, and apparently a new heir to the throne was born yesterday, anyone for Charles IVth?


 The Paris gals….

The Paris Girls Web

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Off to Paris for a day next week to meet up with Rachael and the gang and get a handle on what it is I’m letting myself in for.
I think our first brief might be lipstick but who knows.
Hannah and I had an excellent meeting this morning and I think some wonderful and leftfield ideas are going to emerge from our little studio.
If you think it’s hot here, Hannah said that while in Croatia @HideOut it hit 40 degress C. Scorchio…
Anyways, remember, if you do want a good shot of our beautiful Chilterns countryside, shoot between 5 and 7 in the morning.
After that the light will kill those seductive shadows.

Stay cool (in both senses of the word)


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What with the nightmare start to this year with Arabella’s death and breaking my collar bone (and subsequent operation), things have begun to swing back. After a lot of work and negotiation I have been given a Creative Consultant role with YSL in Paris. This is immensely exciting and challenging and I can’t wait to get started. It is also great news to announce that Hannah is coming on-board full time as of August 1st.
I am still focused on getting some new accounts in and growing the commercial and portrait side of the business, so there is much to do 🙂

As a summer feel good offer I am offering 10% off any location portrait shoot if booked before August 31st 2013. So get out and about, find your favourite spot and let Hannah and I take some beautiful pictures that will remain timeless. Remember that we can print on just about anything, including acrylic and aluminium.

So enjoy the site and send me your feedback via the form on the Contact page.

Au revoir et meilleurs voeux