“I love Paris when it sizzles” – Cole Porter….

Charles Lane| 23 Jul 2013| 0 comments | Uncategorized

….and boy did it sizzle. 34 degrees and ridiculous humidity.On the upside the welcome was as warm as the ambient temperature and I must say a massive thank you to Rachael, Rebecca and Marie.
The Saint Laurent Autumn/Winter collections are very cool indeed. Hedi Slimane has definitely brought his rock and grunge inspiration to the party.
It looks like our first brief is going to be Rock orientated with a modern twist, so it’s time to get the thinking caps on.
I have updated the website a little and have hidden the menu so the images get maximum real estate. This is not a final tweak so the static bar may return depending on feedback.
I hope to add a retouching gallery showing some of my Photoshop skills and I’ll keep you posted.

Oh, and apparently a new heir to the throne was born yesterday, anyone for Charles IVth?


 The Paris gals….

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