Paris, ici je viens…..

Charles Lane| 16 Jul 2013| 0 comments | Uncategorized

Off to Paris for a day next week to meet up with Rachael and the gang and get a handle on what it is I’m letting myself in for.
I think our first brief might be lipstick but who knows.
Hannah and I had an excellent meeting this morning and I think some wonderful and leftfield ideas are going to emerge from our little studio.
If you think it’s hot here, Hannah said that while in Croatia @HideOut it hit 40 degress C. Scorchio…
Anyways, remember, if you do want a good shot of our beautiful Chilterns countryside, shoot between 5 and 7 in the morning.
After that the light will kill those seductive shadows.

Stay cool (in both senses of the word)


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